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Taking For Granted

Today is the first day back for many Cast Members and some lucky bloggers. Watching my Instagram feed fill with new pictures of inside the parks and seeing the excited faces makes me happy.

My family and I do not have immediate plans to go back yet though. We are not fully vaccinated but we will be soon enough. We are cautious though because being sick is not an option for any of us. My disability makes getting sick more difficult now than before I was diagnosed with MS. The vaccine has awakened old side effects in my weekly shots so cautious care is important for me now more than ever. Hubby is the breadwinner here so its just common sense to keep him healthy. Of course the boy is our light and we just want to protect him as much as we can.

I am reminded of how I felt after I left the hospital in recovering from my cerebral aneurysm rupture. I felt renewed but cautious. Relieved but afraid. I was blind for the first few months after waking up from my surgery. So I was reminded daily of what I survived. It took two surgeries, one per eye, to restore my sight. Once regained I realized I had a blind spot in my right eye. The surgeon told me that was because my aneurysm is on the left side of my brain and affected the optic nerve there. He said that will never heal becoming a forever reminder of that horrible day.

Now that the parks are reopening I am excited but cautious. I am excited for all the Cast Members getting to return to their jobs and for guests to return to their happy place but I am cautious because we are not fully out of the woods yet. I am relieved we have the vaccines we do and that many countries are inoculating their citizens but I am afraid for those countries that do not have things under control and no vaccines to give to their citizens.

We must not assume that we are done with this virus. It is still out there, mutating and infecting many. I hope we can begin to heal our wounds, remember with respect those who have died, but keep a keen eye on that rear view mirror. There are commercials out there that remind us that this isn't over if the virus still exists somewhere.

So please wear your masks to respect each other and know that is our constant reminder that we must never forget we are still not out of the woods.

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