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  • Is there a separate Park Entry for each of the 3 Resort Hotels?
    Not exactly. The specialized gates that do exist are for DCA ONLY. The Grand Californian Hotel (GCH) is the only hotel with a gate directly attached to the hotel and that is ONLY for DCA. This entrance lets you in by the Grizzly River Run. GCH Guests (with hotel key) may enter and exit at that gate. Non-Hotel guests may enter DCA through that gate AFTER 11am and exit at any time. The Paradise Pier Hotel (soon to be Pixar Place Hotel) has an entrance into DCA for hotel guests only (must present Hotel Key when asked). Guests of that hotel MUST exit the hotel, cross the street (Disneyland Dr.) at Paradise Way (the driveway into the Grand Californian Hotel main entryway), take a right at the gate that allows Cast Members and GCH guests entry to the GCH, walk that path into DCA that will let you in beside Seaside Souvenirs and Corn Dog Castle. The Disneyland Hotel (DLH) has NO special entries into either park. There is the Monorail which is inside Downtown Disney a short way past the security entrance near the DLH by the ESPN building and provides ALL guests entry as a main gate (when open) and drops off all guests at Tomorrowland (the only other stop) by the Submarines and Autopia.
  • What is the difference between Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane?
    Genie+ has one fee for 20 attractions and the Individual Lightning Lane is offered for only 3 attractions and each attraction has a different fee. Fees are set on surge pricing and vary day to day.
  • Can I register for DAS before my visit?
    Yes. Disneyland has a virtual chat Pre-Registration service that allows guests to register beginning 30 days before their visit but not in the 2 days prior to their visit. If you miss the Pre-Registration window you'll have to register in person within the parks. Per the Disneyland website: "During the registration chat, you will be able to work with a Cast Member to book up to 2 one-hour return windows for select experiences—subject to availability—using our new DAS Advance planning option (in addition to the normal benefits of the DAS program). Please note that all park visits must be within 30 to 2 days of the live chat." Details for how to sign up are found HERE.
  • What is DAS?
    The DAS is an abbreviation for Disability Access Service. Per the Disneyland website: "Disability Access Service (DAS) is a program offered at the Disneyland Resort theme parks to assist Guests who have difficulty tolerating extended waits in a conventional queue environment due to a disability."
  • Are they going to ban Vloggers?
    No, not any time soon. Many Disney Vloggers are invited by Disneyland to attend media events to experience things first to share with their followers. Disney relies on these and even shares them on its own social media outlets. Now that's not to say that individuals won't be banned if they break any rules, but they won't be placing an outright restriction on all vloggers or vlogging.
  • Can we enter Disneyland or DCA after 2pm without a reservation?
    NO. That's only in Walt Disney World.
  • Did it snow at Disneyland?
    Yes it did on 3/1/2023. It was what is called graupel.
  • How much is the Sip & Savor Pass?
    The 8 tab pass is $59 for the General Public and it is $54 for Magic Key Holders and Disney Chase Visa card Holders. The General Public S&SP tabs should only be used on items costing more than $7.38. The Magic Key S&SP tabs should only be used on items costing more than $6.75. Click on image below to see terms.
  • What is a Sip & Savor Pass?
    Scroll down and click on image to see.
  • Do I need to buy a separate ticket to go to the Festival?
    NO. All guests in DCA may go to the Food & Wine Festival. There is no separate ticket for the event. The food booths, "Marketplaces", are open 10:30am to 1 hour before park scheduled close.
  • Do you have a checklist for the Festival?
    Yes, click on one to see full size...
  • Is there a Foodie Guide for the Festival?
    Yes. Disney Eats posted the Guide Here👈🏼.
  • Will I be penalized if I miss a reservation for a ticket (not a Magic Key Pass)?
    NO. ONLY Magic Key Holders will be penalized if they miss checking in for a Park Reservation. Ticket holders basically loose that reservation but they may make a new reservation after the current one ends at 11:59pm day of Park Reservation.
  • Do I need a Park Reservation if it is late in the day?
    YES. It doesn't matter what time of day it is. ALL guests who wish to enter either park MUST have a Park Reservation to enter. Same day reservations ARE possible depending on how busy a day ends up being.
  • Can I change the name on a ticket (event or otherwise)?
    You don't need to change the name on any ticket. Ticket names (asked for when you purchase them) are for purchaser's reference only. You may give a ticket to whomever you please. They can scan the barcode into their app and use it. Once scanned in the ticket is then assigned to a person at the gate and a picture is attached to it. It is only after that is done a ticket cannot be transferred/given to anyone else.
  • Can I use a MagicBand purchased at WDW at Disneyland?
    ONLY the MagicBand+ is able to be used at both parks. If you purchase a MagicBand or a MagicBand 2, those are NOT compatible and cannot be used at Disneyland. It MUST say MagicBand+ (with that little plus at the end).
  • What can a MagicBand+ do at Disneyland?
    The MagicBand+ can: Act as your entry ticket to the parks and be scanned in at the gates It can be your check in and be scanned in at an attraction when returning for a Genie+, Individual Lightning Lane, or DAS return time You can have a PhotoPass Photographer scan it to link those photos to your account It interacts with nighttime entertainment such as Fantasmic!, World of Color, and the Fireworks Spectaculars It also interacts with certain Attractions and Disney100 statues and medallions found throughout the Disneyland Resort Play an in-park game with the Data Pad in the Disneyland App in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge called "Batuu: Bounty Hunters"
  • Can I use my MagicBand+ to pay for things or as my hotel key?
    No. The Disneyland Resort's MagicBand+ does NOT have those functionalities yet. They have indicated those will eventually come to Disneyland but there is no set date available at this time.
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