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OMG this has been a quite horrible journey for me.

The surgeries were quick but PAINFUL😖. It felt like they kept putting drops of acid in my eyes through the whole thing. I had to stay super still but I let them know I was in a lot of pain. They upped the stuff they give you to relax but I don’t think it helped.

After that trial by fire I was sent home with a lovely pair of eye shields that were clear. And I was shocked by what I could actually SEE through them.😳

Yesterday I was totally exhausted by the experience and just slept most of the remaining day. Today I went to the post op exam and the nurse checked my vision in each eye…..and she kept reducing the size of the letters…and reducing… I was in tears by the end of it. I had to explain how bad my eyes were just yesterday morning.

The doc said my retinas look better than he had thought they would and moved my next follow up from a week out to a month out!

I’m still very tired. My eyes get sore if I try to see too much. I can’t stop myself though. I’ve been wearing glasses/contacts since I was around 12 I think. I can see everything!

I chose the distance lenses so I could drive and I still have to use my readers but damn, the readers make things clear. CLEAR! During this nightmare they only partially helped and everything was still fuzzy. Hence my not being able to do much.

To give you an idea of what I used to see…in May ’23 I began to see three street lights (like a Venn diagram) and everything was blurrier than ever. It progressed quickly to the three images separating and making things even blurrier that before. I also noticed a cloudiness that gave a strong glare to bright lights at night. That nixed my night driving. Then that progressed to a rainbow halo around bright lights, then spikes off the bright light to the halo. The spikes were straight at first then changed to be like the ones you see in a plasma ball. Then a few weeks before surgery I could see more than three at a distance, it had become a collideascope. 😳I mean it was super scary.

In my journey through the doctors to get to the one who saved me, one had actually written in the notes that I could not see three.🤨I mean because she asked me to look at her fingers…I told her I could see three at a distance of about a block and things up close were blurry. She didn’t pay attention to anything I said! Thankfully she still forwarded me to the next specialist but she was worse. She said you don’t need a cornea specialist, it’s “just a prescription issue”. She made me go back to an optometrist. So I did and then went back to him within a month because my eyes were worse again.🤦🏻‍♀️He finally send me to a cornea specialist, the one who ultimately saved me.

So if you KNOW that something is seriously wrong health-wise with you, DON’T GIVE UP. Keep pushing until you see the right person. It may change your life 100%. 🖤

I still need some more rest. My eyes are mad at me for doing this so I'm going to rest some more and see how I feel tomorrow. but.... I CAN SEEEEEE the world!!!!!!!! And it's beautiful🖤

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I'm so glad that this worked for you and your vision has been recovered! Truly a life changing blessing! Enjoy having brighter days! 💜💜💜




Awe this makes my heart happy! Congratulations! Never give up that is for sure - 100% agree!!


That’s awesome!!! So happy for you!!!


Oh, I am so happy for you!!😀


So happy for you! 💕

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