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Were you one of the many that cried for Cast Members?

Did you watch as many were unable to pay for bills and food and lament if only we ALL could go back?

How is it that now that many who were getting food at local food pantries can now begin to see regular paychecks again and all you can say is NO…?

No don’t bring back more visitors.

No don’t help a local economy recover.

No don’t bring back more CMs.

Leave it alone. Let me visit an empty park. Let me have my day in the quiet sun.

Did you forget that money is more than a shareholder want?

Did you forget we wanted this? We need this.

No, I’m not a fan of the overall disappointment with the choice that Disneyland has made to move forward and back to normal.

I know many CMs who are getting to return to their jobs after over a year and I am so very excited for them.

Yes, I am sad, no I’m heartbroken there is no AP program right now. It totally means we won’t be visiting until something similar comes along. It just doesn’t make sense for me to go weekly or even monthly and not have that buffer in hand. Yes, it probably means we’ll become Universal Passholders since they are in the same valley but that doesn’t mean I still won’t dream of going back.

So get over it. You want a quiet day? Go early on a Sunday or Wednesday. Those were my go to days even when it was a busy summer or holiday season.

No they won’t go to full capacity immediately because they are STILL BRINGING BACK CAST MEMBERS. STILL! Once all the callbacks are completed for furloughed and laid off CMs they can then hire again. EVERY ONE OF THESE CAST MEMBERS WILL NEED TO BE TRAINED. So stop freaking out about June 15th being a day when the world will explode to 100% normality because it won’t.

Remember, this is really about jobs and the jobs of our friends the magic makers…the real reason we go to enjoy the parks. But hey what do I know...

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