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Unofficial Disneyland Days

Here are this year's Unofficial Disneyland Days. These days are privately run and not formally sponsored by Disneyland. Some of these days, like the Dapper Days, can affect the surrounding hotels in addition to making the parks busy. I have included the links to each event's Facebook page so you can decide if you would like to join in their fun.

•January 31, 2020: Homeschool Day at Disneyland

•POSTPONED to later in 2020: Glow & Pajama Day at Disneyland

•February 29, 2020: Single Rider Night

•March 1, 2020: Adventureland Day

•April 19, 2020: Dapper Day Spring Outing

•April 26, 2020: Tikiland Day

•May 3, 2020: Bats Day in the Fun Park

•August 29, 2020: Star Wars Day

•December 4, 2020: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

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