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Disneyland Events

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

There are several recurring events that happen at the Disneyland Resort. They are matched to holiday seasons and include a variety of specialty items such as food, merchandise, entertainment, and decorations. Three of these events incorporate a food festival and include the main Food & Wine Festival at DCA. I track when the announcements are made for each event, the prices of discount food passes, as well as the prices for the map/prize combinations for the Valentines and Easter events. The first table covers the event announcement dates, dates of the events, and dates of the holidays that surround them. The second table is the costs for the discount food passes and map/prizes for the two events mentioned above. Finally there is a list of these events with links to their official Disneyland information pages and Disney Parks Blog posts for previous events that do not have an event page.

UPDATE 1/24 7:52pm: I've added 2 images at the end that are a calendar overview of the entire year for the Disneyland Resort. I have pulled the data from Disneyland's own website but put it in a quick review format.

List of Disneyland Official Events with links to Information Pages:

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