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Annual Pass Breakeven and Costs Analysis

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

UPDATE 3/5/20: I have updated the charts and uploaded them to this page. Sorry for the delay.

I have created these sheets to help you in the decision to purchase one type of Annual Pass over one other. There is a breakeven analysis that includes a Regular adult ticket price with a daily parking cost for regular parking and one with Peak ticket price and regular daily parking cost. There is also a table showing cost increases for all passes since 2/22/16. Finally I have run the numbers on Parking from keeping it on renewal to a lower pass vs getting the Signature pass. I will update this page with any changes to ticket and pass prices.

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Jan 25, 2020

Aw thank you🖤😊! I think purchasing them now is a good idea because we expect the increases to hit soon. Holding on to them until Marvel Land opens is also a good idea.😊👍🏼 Go for it!


I’m sure you’ve heard this but THANK YOU so much for all you do! I had APs since 2007 (deluxe) but had to stop because of cash flow decisions last year. However I will be starting back up again this summer after “Marvel Land” opens as my family are huge fans. I wanted to double check with you as I thought I had read it on one of your FB posts- shall I renew now online and start the monthly payment plans, but not actually use passes until after Marvel land opens? I want to avoid the annual price increases ... I’m getting 3 deluxe and 1 signature (the basic one) so I have parking. We will probably …

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