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What time is the 3 o'clock parade?

Welcome to my list of frequently asked questions. I will be adding things in as I get waves of the same question or I just remember another item I should add. Feel free to suggest an item for this list too.

DAS: DAS is Disneyland's Disability Access Service. It comprises of many moving parts that ultimately provide accessibility for those whom are disabled in one way or another. I have a blog post that covers the basics which can be found here. The post also has links to Disneyland's detailed information on the DAS.

LOCKERS: The Disneyland Resort has 6 locker locations with only one having the extra large sized lockers. Those can only be found in the Picnic Area between the Mickey & Friends trams and Disneyland's main entrance. Those lockers are: Jumbo 15" x 25" x 25" - $12 All Day (Inside picnic area only) and the Super Jumbo 18" x 25" x 37" - $15 All Day (Inside picnic area only). The remaining sizes and prices are: Small 12"x x 18"h x 12.6"d - $7 All Day (All locations), Large 12.5" x18 " x 19" - $10 All Day (All locations), and X-Large 15" x 25 " x 19 " - $11 All Day (All locations). Per Disneyland's website: "Please keep in mind that lockers inside the parks are only accessible during park operating hours. Items cannot be stored in lockers overnight. If you’ve left an item in a locker overnight, please contact Lost and Found."

CAN I GET A MAXPASS FOR FANTASMIC OR WORLD OF COLOR?: NO, the evening shows Fantasmic and World of Color are NOT available as an option on MaxPass. You can get a FastPass for these shows but you must get one from the mobile FastPass distribution carts set up next to Mark Twain/Columbia boarding (Fantasmic) or at Grizzly Peak down the path from Little Mermaid (World of Color).

CAN I GET A FASTPASS FOR THE FIREWORKS?: NO, there are no FastPasses available for the Disneyland Fireworks Spectaculars. The seating set up in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle are for VIPs and Club 33 Members. There are also NO dining packages for the shows either. The Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge experience does NOT guarantee fireworks. It is a lounge experience that potentially will give you a great view of the fireworks. The soundtrack for the shows are piped into the speakers at the lounge but the projections are not. Also, you cannot receive a refund for this experience. Keep that in mind since Disneyland's shows are cancelled by the Anaheim Fire Marshall frequently due to high winds up where the shells explode. Disneyland is surrounded by residential and commercial areas and their safety is very important. A show can be cancelled at any time the Fire Marshall deems it prudent and Disneyland will also wait until the last minute to do so before a show.

PARKING LOT OPENING TIMES: The standard for the parking lots (Mickey & Friends/Pixar Pals and Toy Story) is 90 minutes before the earliest park opening hour. So an 8am opening will see the lots opened at 6:30am. Sometimes they will open Toy Story earlier for special events. They have ranged from a 24 hour operation to opening at 3am/5am. Pricing and other details are found here.

RIDER SWITCH/SWAP: This allows parents/groups to split up so they can watch those who do not wish to ride or children who cannot go on an attraction. This is Disneyland’s list of attractions with Rider Switch (RS). When you get to an attraction that you wish to use RS at, check in with the Cast Member at the entrance and let them know you wish to do so. The CM will scan all tickets and split you into 2 groups. Group 1 goes first then when done, Group 2 goes through the FastPass line and shows their app/tickets to go through that line since they have waited outside the line.

UPGRADING TO AN AP (ANNUAL PASS) FROM A TICKET: Can I upgrade my Halloween Party ticket, or Disneyland After Dark, or any other Special Event ticket to an Annual Pass? NO, Special Event tickets do NOT qualify for upgrades. You can only upgrade from a regular ticket bought from either Disneyland or an authorized ticket dealer (like Target or Walmart etc.). You can only use one ticket per person/per upgrade and the AP's start date will be the first date of use for multi-day tickets. You will still have to pay a deposit if you choose to do a payment plan. All new payment plans require a deposit and the first month payment and is taken out the same day or day after. The cost of the ticket being used to upgrade will be applied to the base amount of the pass you choose.

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