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Disneyland made this hell. The executives made choices to create a huge demand, not to beef up their web infrastructure to handle demand, and arbitrarily shut off access to passes on their whim.

Passes aren’t things. It’s a switch not a stock of something on shelves. Don’t want to sell any more? Shut off the access. These things don’t sell out. Sure they know how many they have decided to sell each time but it’s not an actual manufactured physical object. It is code in a computer.

Multiple Disneyland Pass Charges for ONE transaction.
Source @the.happiest.trio

This pass release has been an absolute mess. System failures include things like guest’s cards being charged (actually holds placed) MULTIPLE times with no actual pass as the result of any of those failed transactions.

To the system not recognizing California residents forcing them to fully pay for something that they really needed to pay over time. Sure many folks can still pay for these things over time, but that will incur finance charges. Disney doesn’t charge any on monthly payment plans. I’ve been told about the site locking up on folks and letting them get all the way to purchase then kick them out. I know I know, this is the tale of many concerts and comic cons in the world and first world problems, but COME ON! Disney is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR company! They really have not made their systems work much better over the years and they certainly have not made improvements on these HUGE purchasing roll outs.

Helloooo the Disneyland wifi is the worst I’ve ever encountered ANYWHERE!

Disneyland has created such a mess that their customer-facing staff have to bear the brunt of the anger and frustration guests have been inflicting upon them. That’s just beyond rude.

Why? Why tf was this necessary? Why does Disney do this every single time? Because we keep buying into it. That’s our problem. We are feeding the troll. Yes, me too. Obviously. But it is getting harder and harder to love this place because of this disgusting behavior I have witnessed over the years. My husband hears me bitch about this every day and it only confirms that his decision to not to get a pass or ever go back again was right.

I feel for the CMs. I’m pissed for them. I’m so sad for them too. I have many friends who are CMs and I hear some awful horror stories from them. There is NOTHING they can do but they are the easiest physical thing guests can get their anger out at. They are frustrated too because they are given NO heads up. They are never given any warning when something like this launches and they certainly are not given a heads up that items have sold out so they can be prepared for the onslaught of anger.

So yeah I’m very angry with Disneyland right now. They use Park Reservations at their whim too. They can’t control staffing issues and with the recent crowds they are most certainly not controlling that “guaranteed guest experience” either. Are you kidding me Chapek? YOU GUARANTEE NOTHING!!!

How many folks actually got to make a pass purchase these past few hours? I can’t imagine that number is super high with all the system issues. I can say I’ve seen almost an equal amount of success stories as failures.

So because of this disaster I have no idea if renewals are actually protected as I have been told because everything I’ve been told keeps changing! I’d have to be an executive secretary to one of these executives to maybe overhear what is really going on but even then I doubt they let them in their offices when they make these insane decisions and I’d probably just end up pouring their coffee all over them and walking out.

I agree with what many are saying, this was just a simple cash grab and they’ll do this again and again.

For fuck’s sake Disneyland! Treat your staff better and treat your fans better! Fix your tech infrastructure! And for god’s sake don’t fucking fire the people in this new layoff that know what the hell they are doing. Because the loss of institutional knowledge creates bigger problems in the end.

Oh yeah Mando and Grogu will be there tomorrow and I honestly don’t fucking care about that anymore.

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I know I complained about this yesterday. I was an annual passholder for many years. The circumstances of my life, health and covid made it not possible for me to purchase when they became available last year. And for those of us who live out of state and have tickets that need to be turned into passes it is near impossible for us. I'm retired on a fixed income and yes, I still come to Disneyland a lot. But I cannot afford to just jump on a plane, fly out there, try to buy a pass, turn around and come home in the same day. I also know that Disneyland is a local's park and always will be. But…


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Perfectly said Rosie, it’s a planned $h!t show in my opinion. It honestly feels like they are seeing how lousy they can make this situation and still get people to buy what is truly an overpriced crappy experience. to not sell the lowest pass makes the least sense of all, so many blocked dates - it’s for people like me who travel mid-week off season and have to plan… I just don’t get them any more.

thankful we had the magic when my kids were small.

thanks for all you do❤️


It’s maddening. And honestly Chapek is just the coming up with the evil ideas at best. he may just be the “Remington Steele” of the situation, hired solely to take the blame for the hideous decisions. The reality is that the board must like what he is doing. They have not been moved by an petition to reel him in. They are hiding behind the veil cause they’re too scared to be hated. They are who we should be bombarding with anger. Calling them out online and in public settings has a better chance of stopping this garbage than going after Bob.


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