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Every time there is a big event that requires logistical planning between multiple parts of Disneyland, they forget what went wrong or even what went right.

It’s unbelievable to me that there isn’t an event crew that manages and coordinates these events. I mean there probably is but it usually looks like each section of the park is tasked with their own area but doesn’t look at the notes from the last big event.

When Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge (SWGE) opened they planned its opening day by using a reservation system. It worked really well. Perhaps too well as the execs were disappointed with the turn out but it was well organized.

Granted SWGE is much larger than Avengers Campus but they could have made the day much easier to manage had they used the same reservation system.

The day began with massive lines BEFORE the property even opened security. They allowed guests in early though and it was apparent the day would only get worse. The Virtual Queue for Web Slingers ran out in an expected few split seconds (both time slots). Mobile orders for all food places inside the land ran out of pick up slots by the time guests were in line. The land filled up so fast many forgot how small Bugs Land was and angrily expected there to be more room.

I even heard of bad behavior from “I’m famous” Instagrammers “so I can cut in front of you” in the standby line, including the usual maskless posts from many of those “famous” Instagrammers. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sigh. Honestly, how hard is it to behave and not be “that” person who thinks their rude behavior is excusable because they are “famous”?

I love Disneyland to death but they continually do things that make me scratch my head.

Back in my former life I arranged events. Granted no where near the size of a Disney event but I know how to handle the logistics, you’d think Disney would have this under control by now. Where’s their playbook? It feels like they burn it after each event.

All I can think of is the fact they had people out in the sun without pre-arranging shade and water for them (they’ve done this move before btw). They didn’t initially plan for standby queues for the food because they wanted an all mobile order system to work instead of like the dumpster fire it is in Disneyland. They also told people that a food order would not be a guaranteed way into the land. Thankfully they changed their minds on that and began allowing guests in to pick up their food.

They didn’t make it known to guests, BEFORE they visited, how they would manage the disabled in the land or entry into the park and parking lots. I think they had hoped that if they said nothing no one would show up at 4am…they were wrong. They initially didn’t figure on the inevitable THIRD LINE that was created instantly when people saw the entrance and wanted to get a selfie there. They didn’t plan for enough seating for eating that was inside the land and created one over by the Hyperion Theatre. Try carrying food and drinks without trays any distance😳.

Sorry if this post isn’t a glowing review of the day and all happy happy joy joy. I’m not a fan of pretending to be something I’m not. Like saying I’m famous and deserve your spot in line🤨.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day…

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