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Rise of the Resistance Opening 1/17/20

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Here are the basics as we know them on 1/15/20. Second image is a reminder to upload the Free Disneyland App on your smartphone BEFORE you visit the park. The third image is the controversial, NOT OFFICIAL parking and gate timing information. I will update this page as I receive official updated information.

UPDATE 1/23 11:07pm: Hilarious, same time as a few nights ago.🤣 OK, here are the tips I have been posting for the last few days: Keep in mind, the Boarding Groups RUN OUT IN A FEW MINUTES. So be prepared for that possibility. Clear your phone of all open apps except the Disneyland app. Refresh the app and make sure you are signed on right after you enter the gates. Make sure you have removed any tickets or passes you do not need on the app. If not keep in mind you will have to unselect any that you do not want to be included in the Boarding Group and that could cost you precious seconds. You MUST get scanned into Disneyland BEFORE REGULAR PARK OPEN. You DO NOT need to remain in Disneyland after you have been scanned in. But if you have not been scanned in at DL, you will not be able to join a Boarding Group.

UPDATE 1/21 11:07pm: I have updated the info/FAQs sheets and they have replaced the first ones I posted on 1/17. Changes to note: Return timeframes can vary from 1 to 3 hours so pay attention to your notification. You can be outside of Disneyland to join a Boarding Group BUT you MUST have already been SCANNED IN AT THE GATES. You may then leave the park and use the app to join a Boarding Group.


UPDATE: 1/16/20 I have updated my Boarding Group info sheets from LAST year. This will be the SAME process for Rise of the Resistance. Each ride vehicle holds EIGHT (8) guests. Please READ THROUGH ALL THE SHEETS BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION. I have loaded up these with a lot of info and your question may be answered here. So please check here first before checking in with me. Thanks!🖤

UPDATE 1/16 8:15pm: Sorry that I haven't been able to update this with the confirmations I have until now. I received verification that the most common thread, that Toy Story would open at midnight is true. I also now know that security is now not shutting down tonight and will remain open and available through tomorrow. May the Force be with all of you going to brave the madness for Rise of the Resistance's opening day! 🖤]

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