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Fame and Fortune Kid

Social Media is a beast. A sneaky monster that sucks in everyone from doomscrollers to joyscrollers to the much maligned Disney crowd’s version, Disneyscrollers.

I don’t know how much you look at the Disney IG universe but it is constantly getting new members. Constantly. Happy shining faces. Perfect pictures. Beautiful babies and pets.

Oh by the way if you didn’t know, that’s how you get noticed by Disney. They want those perfectly put together families, single parents, beautiful babies, and happy families. That is their image and their target audience. You want to make great videos/reels too. And engage. Talk to your followers.

Now I must admit, when I started this crazy journey in 2016 I thought I wanted all that glittered in that universe. The gifts, the hosted events/trips, the inclusion into that all desired Disney media event circle. I connected with a few bloggers that had great followings, did fantastic posts, and events. I was offered two very different viewpoints and both were valid, but they were also two very different paths.

I was told by one “You can make a lot of money, get a lot of great gifts, and get invited to media events.” Then I was told by another (and I bet he’ll recognize this) “You have been doing something that no one else has been able to do consistently over time. Keep it up and create a community.” Ok I might be paraphrasing what they each told me, it was 4-5 years ago, but if you know me, you know the path I chose.

I discovered, after trying, that I could not fit into that happy shining Disney bubble. I did however find comfort in the groove I made for myself and the data nerd in me is greatly satisfied by it.

It really comes down to the fact that I’m too brutally honest. I come from a family of snarky and funny lovers of good food and good company. We are construction workers, inventors, musicians, and creatives of a different sort. We are hard working and are driven by whatever spark that lit within us that makes us unique and special and I'm damn prod to be a member of my family.

I’m the kind of person that looks for a better way to do something the moment I notice it just isn’t working/running smoothly. I look for order, consistency, validity of data and veracity of the sources, and that’s not necessarily sexy to certain folks, like those in Disney Marketing.

I point out where things need to be fixed or where they fall short. I’m that annoying kid that keeps poking a parent (or other human) to get noticed because the dam has sprung a leak or the squeaky fence could use some oil. That is not necessarily what Disney wants. They want perfectly positive coverage. I do know they know who I am though, so that’s always fun to think of how much I’ve annoyed them after posting something critical😉.

So if you want that fame and fortune, the free products from vendors, and to get the bright shiny object that is acceptance into Disney Marketing - create that perfect image of an absolute Disney fan. You may just get that sought after email from Disney asking if you want to join in their magic.

I’ll just sit back here in the dark and keep pointing out the things that are not so shiny and perfect.😄

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