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Disneyland Multi-Day Ticket Data

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

OK, here it is a page that will have my infographics and tables of current ticket data. I will update this page with all the sheets I make as I make them. Please keep in mind... I DO NOT SELL TICKETS!😊 Here are the latest and greatest...

MULTI-DAY TICKETS: available from verified AUTHORIZED ticket vendors...all fees listed for a vendor are added into the costs shown. Military discount tickets info is found here:


RULES FOR SPECIAL DEAL TICKETS: It is important to note that for the SoCal Resident tickets you MUST be a SoCal resident to purchase and to use. They DO and WILL ask for ID at the ticket booths and gates. The Child tickets are for any child, there is NO residency requirement for them.

Target's REDcard 5% can be applied to Disney Gift Cards and Disneyland multi-day tickets. You can also get that 5% off restaurant gift cards.

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