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Many people don’t know that Disneyland has a policy of granting passes to newly 3 year old children since passes have a starting age of 3. It’s called an Exception pass.

To those that do know this it is always a game of “still 2” to avoid having to pay the high pass prices for their children just a little longer.

Now that the Magic Keys have finally started to allow renewals (and renewals ONLY NO sales yet) parents are looking forward to actually getting the pass for their children. Frustratingly though Disneyland has clamped down on who they will approve for this exception and made it stricter.

The policy that is now circulating with slight differences depending on who you speak with (No Disneyland doesn’t actually officially post this information on their website) through a variety of chats, phone calls, and actual in person discussions at the ticket booths is angering a lot of parents. Many have decided NOT to renew if they can’t get a pass for their child. Mind you parents are ACTUALLY being told to wait for sales to start, OR even to find someone to take care of their child while they go to the parks COMPLETELY ignoring the fact the pass for the child is to INCLUDE THE CHILD ON TRIPS but with NO ACTUAL START DATE parents are faced with buying tickets or playing the game…

The main version of what Disneyland is requiring is this: the parents must bring the child with them to the ticket booths in the Esplanade and provide proof of age and includes copies of birth certificates or valid passports. The exception will be provided for 60 days after the child’s third birthday. Now it still depends on who you get at your window if they will actually ask to see that documentation…

Now keep in mind many…MANY people have NO IDEA they can get this pass for their child and are being treated like they ‘should have known’ since they are outside the 60 days now.

Currently they are hard denying passes for children who aged 3 when parents could have purchased any of the other passes (including the lower passes) before they were pulled. They are NOT being flexible on this even though buying a lower pass for a child could mean the child would be blocked out when the parents are actually able to go. Not very family friendly to force a choice on these families. Buuuut this is Disneyland and they are known for “encouraging” disabled guests to rent wheelchairs or scooters to manage their disability instead of granting the DAS to those who need it. But I digress.

So here we are, some of these parents are making hard choices by deciding NOT to renew their Disneyland passes and instead buying passes for other theme parks. They don’t feel valued and what’s the point really if you want to bring your child but you are told to get a babysitter instead, but maybe this is exactly what Disneyland wants. Less Unfavorable Attendance Mixers…

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