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I continue to get messages about guests experiencing difficulties in getting the standard of care they used to.

I was just recently told a mother with two special needs children, one of which is in a RED TAGGED stroller had been told she had to transfer the child out of the stroller on the train and fold up the stroller. FOR THE WHEELCHAIR COMPARTMENT.😑Yeah there are no straps in that compartment and I’ve NEVER had to fold up my walker. The standard has been “WHEELS LOCKED” always.

So she was told if she didn’t fold up the stroller and transfer the child she would have to leave the train. Of course once at the next stop the CM at the station asked her why her stroller was folded. She of course said that what the other CM told you was incorrect. 🤦🏻‍♀️


There are NO standards. Each attraction gets to decide how to manage their disabled guests. And now apparently incorrect information is being trained into the mix🤨.

This mother went to City Hall to complain and they TOLD HER THE WRONG THING TOO!!!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

My head hurts. WHY?!?!

So not only are we dealing with the return of DAS to the FastPass/Lightning Lanes we have incorrect training happening that is creating problems for the disabled.

I am also still getting messages about how the pushing of DAS guests through long LLs creates a situation where the guests decide to skip their favorite attractions.

Why do I harp on this? Because the DAS is specifically there to help us AVOID the line environment. Yes yes we know we are not the only DAS guests out there and we KNOW we will face additional waits when an attraction has a back up of DAS guests but to ADD an additional wait ON TOP OF THAT in the LL is adding insult to injury.

Disneyland refuses to make any adjustments to deal with this. I’ve been told by a few folks now that they are “talking” about it…but a lack of action speaks volumes for their real decision on how to manage us. I hate to say it but DAS guests are being ignored. Oh and STILL TREATED AS IF WE ARE LYING! Every single time someone relays an experience to me they have encountered a CM, security, or even a Lead that tells them flat out ‘you might be faking it’. 🤨 ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Excuse me but I’m so very tired of hearing this happening over and over and over. And OVER!

This bias NEEDS TO STOP. You cannot assume your guests are all guilty until proven innocent. That’s rude and disgusting behavior.

You also can’t ignore the ADA laws around Service Dogs either. My god the things guests are told by security just amaze me. Lawsuit kind of crap really. Sadly I have no legal contacts but I honestly feel like the SD issues require some kind of additional attention…whether it be media or legal…something. But the media won’t pick this up. Not flashy enough. Not enough of an attention getter. Not about normal folks.😑

So I will continue to post about this. I get way too many messages that just infuriate me about how guests were rudely treated. Since Disneyland has chosen not to stop being rude and inconsiderate …I will continue to report it. Don’t like it?…Guess what, there are a LOT of happy go lucky bloggers out there. I’ve never pretended to be plastic. I’m real. I’m cranky and brutally honest. Happy Happy joy joy is not my thing.


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Thank you for sharing it’s a great read… As a key holder/AP with a Chronic Illness this is terrifying… Imposter syndrome is real and this type of behavior fuels it, there’s no care for the fact that I CAN walk but my balance is not good and I have weakness in my right leg and fall easily… I am not alone, there are so many others like me who are scared to advocate for themselves because of people and problems like this…. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should… Your outrage is appreciated and I stand with you…💜

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