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Deep Dive into GothicRosie Thoughts

These past two years have been a real eye opener and an emotional roller coaster for me. Read at your own peril...this is a release of emotions...

Let's step back a bit first... I entered this world through a side door. Not concerned with looks or perfect pictures of food or of what I wear. No real thoughts of being able to live off my posting and becoming a celebrity in the world of Disney Blogging. My focus, The amount of information surrounding the Disneyverse is insanely huge and constantly changing. I found my niche. Using my former life skills I quickly developed better ways of conveying a ton of information in an easier to swallow and understand content format.

Then Covid hit and I began to doubt my value with little going on that I could participate in or observe in person. Then I saw behavior that I guess I was oblivious of in the years before. Who knew speaking out about it would cause such a fuss? Who knew I would become hated and despised because my information was, and get this a few people actually said this to me, "always wrong and misleading"...🤔🤨 I received terrible personal messages from folks who vehemently despised me and said awful things.😳 Just shocked at such reactions. It hurt...honestly it still does. I have a hard time getting over such things. I'm super sensitive, real emotional, and words do hurt me😞. I'm working on it. I have amazing friends who give me strength and support. I also have some amazing followers who give me more support than I ever imagined I would ever get. But it's hard work to pull yourself out of an emotional response to such anger from strangers.

There are so many Disney bloggers out there now and new ones starting all the time. I've encountered strange pushback from some because I share their content and send them followers too, but then they view it negatively. As a theft of their work. Ug that experience really shook me. People view me as a slacker. Not doing any work. Just stealing others' work and sharing it as if it were mine (never true I always credit, always). I'm an artist, my son is, and my hubby is too. I always respect the work of others because of that. I give credit because it is the right thing to do. I also do a ton of work in creating my own infographics. I dig through the website and internet for as much information as I can get. Sometimes I get Hidden Mickey help and sometimes it's wrong. But I also own up to mistakes and post corrections. Always. Just because a group or page doesn't post those corrections doesn't mean I don't do them. I can't control what happens to my content once I post it. I make it public because I want to share it. Everyone can repost my stuff-free of charge. I'd like credit but I know that many block out my logo and refuse to give me credit for whatever reason🤷🏻‍♀️. Sigh, it is what it is.

So here I am watching the Disney blogger verse from home, seeing all the posts from each event and release each day ten times over and wondering, do I really belong here? Why do people hate me so much? Ug just a rough emotional day for me and I needed to get it out of my head.

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