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I have been doing this since 2017. I love helping people and I love Disneyland. My problem is I'm a people pleaser and over do it to help out. I look for approval too. Another problem.

This year I was blindsided by YouTubers and their attack on my integrity. I managed to block one but another blocked me...🤷🏻‍♀️

That experience put me on the defensive and each time someone questioned my work and stated in a subtle, or not so subtle way, that I was upset me.

I guess I hit my limit last week and had enough. My people pleasing and looking for approval brought me down hard. I needed this break to refocus.

I'm going to pull back from doing my daily updates and do weekly ones instead. I think my self-imposed pressure of getting those out on a daily basis was killing me. I will put a "Questions" section on my Facebook page and begin populating it with frequently asked questions and other information. I already put information in my Highlights on my Instagram page so the questions will be a version of that on FB.

I will also not hesitate to block those who think attacking me is a sport. I don't have the energy to manage fools and their need to pick on people like myself.

🖤Thank you so very much to everyone who posted their support for me in my posts from Thursday. They really mean the world to me🖤.

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