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I’ve discovered through multiple reports from followers that the new attraction Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway doesn’t have a ride vehicle with the ability to open wider so those who have difficulty transferring, or just getting in for a variety of reasons, can get into the vehicle. Many have decided to skip the attraction completely because they won’t be able to board and that breaks my heart.

We already know that Disneyland did NOT create a ride vehicle for MMRR for wheelchairs thus requiring those in them to transfer to the ride vehicle either by their own power or through the help of their party. Cast Members are not allowed to assist guests with these transfers.

Many disabled guests use wheelchairs to get around but many do not have the use of their legs in a manner that will allow them to get into a ride vehicle with ease. There are also many who have difficulty getting into many ride vehicles and the wider openings help them get in.

It’s a shame that Disneyland has chosen to exclude these guests. Possibly a design choice based upon money instead of helping all guests have equal access to the offerings at the parks🤷🏻‍♀️.

The ADA requires them to make the lines wheelchair/scooter accessible so guests may go through both the standby and Lightning Lanes with their mobility device. It does not require them to go the extra mile to provide that extra bit of magic that makes more than just ambulatory guests welcome.

It’s not uncommon for Disneyland to make a high number of DAS guests feel unwelcome by denying DAS requests because “we don’t give it to anyone other than cognitive disabilities” even though the website doesn’t state this restriction. This just seems like a purposeful choice on their part considering this is a brand new attraction.

Rise of the Resistance doesn’t have a wheelchair accessible ride vehicle either but at least it has the ability to make entry into one a little wider for DAS guests.

I was hoping they would have opened with more accommodations. Just sad Disney didn’t decide on magic over what looks like possible project costs.

I've been told repeatedly that Disneyland has disabled Cast Members on the Disability team but I honestly still don't feel like guests complaints and requests are being fully heard or taken to heart.

My heart breaks every day for those who tell me their personal DAS experiences that fall short of that Disney magic we hope we all can get to experience. I wish I could do more but I will at least always speak out about it for them and for every disabled person that goes to Disneyland and is treated as less than at a place they had hoped would look past those differences.

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