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A tale of two bags...

Hi, my name is GothicRosie and I am a bag lady不. My latest acquisition, the 50th Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke was purchased in a year end after Christmas sale on ShopDisney. Both of these bags, the colorful Shag 50th Haunted Mansion bag and the Dooney were offered at the August 2019 Disneyland's Haunted Mansion 50th evening after hours event. Both I did not buy because I thought I wouldn't like the Dooney and I mistakenly figured that Shag bag would be available for purchase when I got to the event丹領儭.

Alas I discovered that the Shag had immediately sold out and I then realized I made a terrible error in not pre-ordering it. The Dooney grew on me after a while of looking at it and not getting it. Then something amazing happened. The Shag bag showed up at WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney when I just randomly went there. I snatched it up immediately and fell in love with its soft texture and the adorable painting on it.

I could not be separated from that bag for a long while. But happened...the Dooney was on sale and I couldn't believe my eyes. So I bought that one too and I am smitten with it弘. I can't make myself put the Shag in the closet though and it now sits on the couch with me so I may gaze upon it when I feel the need and pick it up and snuggle with it for emotional support...不不不

So here I am, hopelessly addicted to bags. There are worse things to be addicted to...right? 不

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