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I have been anxiously waiting for the Disneyland Railroad to start running again. My favorite part are the dinosaurs and I was anxious to photograph them. We skipped the first day the trains returned and went the day after it reopened. Once we got to the park I noticed that there was a massive line at the Main Street Station. So I decided we would go about our day for a bit and see what it looked like once we were at the Toontown station. Luckily, my boy and I managed to get on the train pretty easily in Toontown. There was no line and even though we were told we might have to wait for a few trains, since people were not getting off, we got on the first train that showed up. We even got the middle upper seats and my walker mostly fit under the bench.


I can understand why people were, and probably are still, not getting off the train. It was gone for so long that once I was on it again, it made me so happy. I was so caught up in the joy of being on it that I did not get very many good pictures of the rest of the journey. At least I was able to focus (pun intended) on the dinosaurs in the Primeval World.


Definitely need to get on the train again...

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