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Fantasmic! Take 2 review

Fantasmic begins

It was decided that after a successful upgraded River Belle Terrace dinner two weeks ago, we would go again but do the standard dinner with the FastPass. Dinner was tasty, again, but this time we discovered they had a hidden 4th option for dessert. The boy and I were none too impressed with the "Maleficent Dragon" spiced chocolate mousse ball last time. So I had the Strawberry Shortcake served on a biscuit and the boy had a chocolate cupcake. The biscuit was a bit on the dry side though but the strawberries and cream were delicious. The boy was very happy with his cupcake. I apologize for a lack of pre-eaten images as I usually manage to take pictures of the food before we eat it, but we were starving and so I only have aftermath pictures this time. The brisket was so good and messy that I decided to abandon the bread and eat all the meat and onions instead. The boy's fish was "just as good as the last time" and he too had some of my fried onions. Since this was the regular package we were seated inside (although we could have sat was insanely humid so I wanted the A/C for a bit) and the upgrade fee of $15 was not charged. We did get our AP discount again, although I understand all three of the dining deal restaurants have not been giving the discounts regularly. If you don't have it adjusted after giving your pass, be sure to ask for a lead. You absolutely should get your AP discount for the meal, just not for the upgrade fees, if any.

River Belle Terrace

Haunted Mansion Organist

We visited the Haunted Mansion directly after dinner with the idea we would go over to the Fantasmic viewing area line within 7:15pm ish...when we arrived at the waiting area we were surprised (but not much this is Disneyland after-all and there are always lines) to see that there were about 11 people already there. Oh well, so much for the front row. We did get to sit right behind the first row of people so it wasn't all that bad. We were dead center in front of the stage and I was very happy with that. I decided to use my long lens to see what I could capture of the show but found out is hates movement and darkness so I had a real hard time getting useable shots. Guess I'll have to go again!

Viewing area

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