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Ooooo Ahhhhh BAM!

I have grown up enjoying the variety of entertainment Disneyland provides from their parades to their fireworks. Everything is fun and draws you into the magic. My favorite is the Main Street Electrical Parade. I have strong memories of sitting on the curb on Main Street, waiting anxiously for the lights to go down and the announcement to be made. This parade is the very reason I snapped out of my hermit existence and took a chance on living life.

The new, or new to me, show that many have the same anticipation excitement that I had for my parade is something I have never seen. Now I know this is shocking but I had a huge break in my attendance to the park. Imagine, 1987 or '88 was about my last visit. I remember parking in front of the gates. Trams that were open so as you were driven close to your car you jumped out, as the cast members (CMs) would yell at us, "WAIT UNTIL THE TRAM COMES TO A COMPLETE STOP BEFORE GETTING OUT!!!" Oh the good old days, when parking was .25$ and there wasn't another park or shopping center in the way...but I digress.

Fantasmic! is a show I know of but never have seen. I've seen the commercials. Heard the stories. Watched the videos...but I have never actually seen it, until July 18th. I was amazed and drawn in and hooked and now I love it! I decided to do a dining plan, one that included actual seating, because standing is not something I can do. The package was at the River Belle Terrace (RBT) and included an upgrade choice to be able to stay in your seat on the outside curved patio for the duration of the first show.

The view was good, not straight on, but a good start for me and my son. We enjoyed it immensely and I would do it again. An important thing to note is that the RBT does not shut off its exterior lights and it is a bit brighter than what you would get sitting in front of the main stage. The food was fantastic though. I had the brisket sandwich with coleslaw (vinegar based) and beans. I like a good juicy brisket and this was it was a mess but with the fatty bits, it was really good. My boy had the sustainable (like salmon) fish with tater tots ("the best ever" per the boy) and beans. The fish was encrusted in seasoning and this was totally approved by the boy who inhaled it before I got halfway through my sandwich. We were served a basket of rolls and discovered the little sign on the table had 4 USB ports for charging our devices. We also received wristbands and lanyards when we checked in.

The dinner itself was (AP discountable) $45 per person (adult) and $25 per child (except the boy ordered off the adult menu). The upgrade is $15 per person, this fee is NOT AP discountable. I understand that some people were charged the full price without the discount. If this has happened, call Guest Services and they will credit you. If you happen to have an upcoming reservation or are actually at the restaurant right now, ask for a lead and make sure you get your AP discount for the meal. Remember, the fee for the upgrade gets no discounts.

All in all a good experience that is a good option for those, like myself, who cannot sit on the ground or stand for too long. My disability includes the inability to stand for too long. I have bad knees so sitting on the ground intimidates we are going back to the RBT to do the regular dinner package and to try to see what view we get sitting on the floor, front and center/right. I will of course post pictures of said experience. mmmmm brisket....

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