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Disneyland care package

I, like most Annual Passholders (APs), have a love of the food found at Disneyland (the park). We work in our favorites as we move through the park and go on the various attractions. Unknown to many is that a lot of the restaurants give you the ability to take the food home by giving you take out packaging for the food they provide. Thus giving you the opportunity to enjoy your favorites at home. I usually bring home a fried chicken dinner from the Plaza Inn and perhaps a sweet or two from the Candy Palace on Main Street. Of course, that take home package includes popcorn because Disneyland popcorn is magical.

Plaza Inn Chicken

Last week I decided I needed to try something new though. In my search for something I have not tried, I remembered that the Jolly Holiday bakery has the most delicious tasty treats, from the Matterhorn macaroon to their chocolate chip cookies.

Oversized Raspberry Macaron

I had read a few reviews of these enormous red Mickey head macarons with fresh raspberries and a rose infused filling, so I decided to give it a try. Now some people are not into adding flower flavorings into their food. That's ok, I completely understand, but I'm Italian and I love food. It is not a far stretch for me to eat something with flowers when I regularly eat things with rosemary and garlic. I loved it. It becomes a crumbly sticky mess though as you eat it. And now I have my new Disneyland food to obsess over. It is on my home care package list as I exit the park from now on.


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