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A New Door Opened Leads to Magic

Growing up Disney

I've spent the past 10 years fighting my body. I was diagnosed with MS and 7 years later, survived a large ruptured cerebral aneurysm. It has been in the years since the annie that I have found a second calling. I have translated my former life, that included such things as document manipulation and web design, into that of a source of Disneyland knowledge for a handful of Facebook groups that live for all things Disneyland.

Here I will spread my wings and detail my visits and share my photos of the park and everything Disney that catches my eye. But with one caveat, this is also a place I might share other non-Disney things, so pull up a chair and explore and enjoy.

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OMG this has been a quite horrible journey for me. The surgeries were quick but PAINFUL😖. It felt like they kept putting drops of acid in my eyes through the whole thing. I had to stay super still bu

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